We exceed client expectations by delivering high quality, innovative and contemporary services.

HV Design, Construction & Commissioning

Magnetic work with design house companies to provide a constructible design through to commissioning.

HV Asset Management

(Preventative & Corrective Maintenance)

The team at Magnetic Power Services understand that many of our clients are under increasing pressure to get the most out of their assets. That is why we think it is important to have the correct maintenance program in place that ensures the ongoing reliability of your equipment.

Project Management

Magnetics’ team of Project Managers work closely with our clients, drawing on our vast industry experience to understand client needs and to establish a clear project scope of works.

Our commitment is to deliver an end-to-end solution in the management of project quality, time frames and health and safety. The effective delivery of services by Magnetic will ensure your project satisfies all audit and compliance requirements first time.

HV Operational Planning

We have United Energy, Jemena, Ausnet, CitiPower, Powercor, approved and authorised operational planners for all specific works.

HV Operations

(Distribution & Transmission Switching)

We have United Energy, Jemena, Ausnet, CitiPower, Powercor, approved and authorised Operators from Terminal substations through to Zone/Distribution substations.

HV Auditing

(New & Existing Installations)

Worksite Auditor (Civil) - Carry out open trench audits (civil) for Developer / Customer managed projects on Greenfield sites.
Worksite Auditor (Electrical) – Carry out open trench audits (civil) and electrical inspections for Developer / Customer managed projects. (Not pre commissioning / final inspections)
Cable Hauling Auditor (All stages) Electrical Auditor engaged to carry out inspections of the cable hauling process

End to end HV Asset Management Services

Preventative & Corrective Maintenance
Installation, Testing & Commissioning
Engineering & Design contracting these services out
Operating Services (HV Switching) Transmission, Zone, Distribution & HV customer authorised operators.
Emergency/Fault Response
Thermographic Imaging & Partial Discharge monitoring (non-invasive)

High Voltage Testing

Earth system testing (electrode resistance, soil resistivity, current injection and earth grid integrity)
Transformer testing (oil testing (including DGA), ratio tests, vector group testing, and insulation resistance)
Switchgear (including busbars and circuit breakers)
Protection relays testing (including a wide range of vendor products) including statutory maintenance and calibration checks)
High Voltage Cable Testing (including VLF, Tan-Delta and Partial Discharge of switchgear, busbars, circuit breakers, CT's and VT's and HV cables)

Public Lighting

Magnetic has been appointed to a select panel of providers to local councils completing bulk public lighting replacement projects across Victoria.

In a short period of time, Magnetic has built extensive capability and credibility in this field and is now seen as a valued and trusted partner to Local Government clients who seek the support of a quality service provider to complete these important, environmentally focussed projects.

Our works are completed to a very high standard, and within project timeframes and budgets.

Works Planning

Access & authority to perform & lodge applications in United Energy & Ausnet network systems from Transmission through to distribution
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