The reliability and performance of high voltage assets, such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, protection relays, switches can directly affect your business performance and profitability.

The performance of your infrastructure is critical and our team of Electrical Professionals will provide a comprehensive solution to protect and maintain your Electrical Assets to support the achievement of business goals.


Magnetic provide specialist services in the construction, maintenance and operations of Transmission, Sub transmission and Distribution substations. Our substation capabilities include:

  • Switchyard construction and installation of primary and secondary equipment
  • Transformer installation or replacement
  • HV & LV operating
  • Primary and secondary equipment testing and commissioning
  • Switch Gear installation/upgrade
  • Substation construction and maintenance


Magnetic has a comprehensive suite of services for underground distribution networks. Our capability includes:

  • Construction under shutdown conditions
  • Underground construction
  • Hauling and installing cables
  • Testing of cables
  • Jointing and technical services
  • Installation of Public Lighting
  • Detailing and “as builds”
  • Kiosk installation and earthing
  • Electrical inspection and Auditing
  • Jointing and technical services
  • New estates, AS3000 projects and underground services
  • Asset relocations
  • HV & LV network operations

High Voltage Services

Magnetic have a team of HV commissioning engineers and HV electrical technicians with an extensive range of knowledge and experience within the power industry, and specifically in the construction and testing and commissioning of HV and LV plant and assets. We offer a wide range of HV services including:

  • Electrical HV construction (primary and secondary)
  • Electrical HV testing (primary and secondary)
  • Electrical HV maintenance (primary and secondary)

Our services include:

  • HV and LV switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Protection and Control
  • Control Systems

HV Testing

  • Earth system testing (electrode resistance, soil resistivity, current injection and earth grid integrity)
  • Transformer testing (oil testing (including DGA), ratio tests, vector group testing, and insulation resistance)
  • Switchgear (including busbars and circuit breakers)
  • Protection relays testing (including a wide range of vendor products) including statutory maintenance and calibration checks)
  • High Voltage Cable Testing (including VLF, Tan-Delta and Partial Discharge of switchgear, busbars, circuit breakers, CT's and VT's and HV cables)

HV Maintenance

  • Diagnostic testing on switchgear, busbars and circuit breakers
  • Protection systems
  • Control systems
  • Transformers
  • Capacitor Banks

HV commissioning

  • HV and LV switchgear
  • Transformers
  • AC and DC Systems
  • Protection and Control systems
  • Capacitor Banks

Labour Hire

If your organisation is in need of short or mid-term specialist resource support, Magnetic can assist.

We deploy our electrical professionals (Electrical Testers, Jointers, Fitters and Project Managers) to specific sites and projects around Victoria to support our clients in their efforts.  We can support clients with daily resources support through to extended engagement periods of 6-12 months where required.

We are a licenced labour hire organisation in Victoria providing a team of professionals who will add value to your staffing skills base and complement your existing employees.

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